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Our suite of secure payment solutions, including virtual terminals, POS systems, and payment gateways, is designed to empower your retail storefront.

Retail payment systems by Stacks Technology

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Payment Systems Powered by WAVit Tech

Elevate your retail business to new heights with our WAVit software, engineered specifically to eradicate processing fees, directly enhancing your profit margins at no extra expense. Boasting zero percent unlimited credit card processing, unrestricted transaction volumes, and seamless integration with various platforms and payment devices, WAVit is the ultimate tool for retail owners determined to significantly increase their profitability.

Retail POS System

Revolutionize your retail operation with our state-of-the-art POS system, fueled by the innovative WAVit Technology. This advanced payment solution slashes credit card processing fees, freeing up capital for you to reinvest in expanding your retail business.

POS systems for retail merchants
Payment gateways for retail merchants

Retail Payment Gateway

Maximize the efficiency of your retail transactions with the Stacks Payment Gateway, enhanced by our groundbreaking WAVit Technology. Enjoy smooth, secure, and economical payment processing that reduces your costs and significantly improves your profitability.

Retail Virtual Terminal

Revitalize your retail payment strategy with Stacks Virtual Terminals, powered by our WAVit Technology for effortless, cost-saving transactions. Free yourself from the high costs of conventional credit card processing fees and channel those savings into growing your retail business.

Brian Anderson, CFO

Steven Martinez


With Stacks we unlocked an entirely new revenue channel —their cash discount program earned us 17% more margin that we reinvested to fund rapid expansion.

Catherine White, Founder

Catherine White


Utilizing Stacks’ integrated payment solutions and customizable POS future-proofed our systems while boosting profit on every transaction

James Allen

Financial Director

Once Stack streamlined our payments ecosystem, we realized a 21% increase in annual profitability and used the lift to hire talent to support larger omni-channel growth.

Complete payment solutions
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Experience unmatched value and savings on every transaction.

Process Payments With Ease

In a marketplace where each interaction and sale is crucial, your retail business demands a payment processing ally that not only grasps your unique challenges but also drives your growth. Stacks Technology emerges as the ideal partner, delivering a harmonious combination of security, rapidity, and ease, transforming the way you manage transactions in your retail environment.

Software and POS systems designed to grow revenue.
Branded Credit Cards built to increase profits, earn rewards and grow community.
Data Modeling designed to maximize customer lifetime value.

Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Yes, you read that right. Our proprietary software and Cash Discount program allow you to eliminate credit card processing fees, saving money and boosting your bottom line.

Why Stacks

Unbeatable Processing Rates. We’ll process payments lower than your current rates guaranteed. If you’re already accepting credit cards, Stacks Technology promises to beat your existing processing rates – and the difference is significant!

Virtual Payment Solutions
Seamless and Secure
Advanced Technology
24/7 Customer Support

The Stacks philosophy is to ‘Add value with every transaction’ – this means giving our business partners the most secure and customizable solutions to increasing revenue. We do this through fully transparent strategies that give merchants and businesses the deepest insights into the fees they don’t know they are paying and providing strategies to eliminate these fees once and for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Retail payment systems refer to the comprehensive methods and technologies used by retail businesses to process financial transactions. These systems enable customers to make payments for goods and services using various forms of payment, such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, mobile payments, and electronic bank transfers. Designed to facilitate quick, secure, and efficient transactions, retail payment systems are integral to the smooth operation of physical and online retail environments, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for consumers.

  1. Electronic Payment Systems: These include digital transactions via credit cards, debit cards, and electronic bank transfers, as well as mobile payments and online payment platforms like PayPal. They are designed for both online and in-person transactions, offering convenience and speed.
  2. Paper-based Payment Systems: Traditional methods such as cash, checks, and money orders fall into this category. Despite the rise of digital payments, paper-based systems are still in use for their simplicity and directness, especially in physical retail settings.
  3. Cryptocurrency Payment Systems: Emerging as a modern payment method, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum offer decentralized, digital transactions. This type involves peer-to-peer transfers without the need for traditional banking systems, characterized by enhanced security and lower transaction fees.
  • Cash: The most traditional form of payment, widely accepted across all retail settings for its immediacy and simplicity.
  • Credit and Debit Cards: Plastic cards issued by banks that allow consumers to make purchases against their credit limit or directly from their bank account.
  • Checks: Paper instruments that instruct banks to pay a specified amount from the payer’s account to the payee’s account.
  • Gift Cards: Prepaid cards issued by retailers or banks that can be used as payment for purchases at specific stores or a group of stores.
  • Mobile Payments: Payments made through mobile devices using digital wallets (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Wallet) or retailer-specific apps, enabling contactless transactions.
  • Online Payments: Transactions conducted over the internet, typically through e-commerce platforms, using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, or direct bank transfers.
  • Electronic Bank Transfers: Direct movements of funds from one bank account to another, often facilitated through online banking platforms.


These instruments cater to various consumer preferences and technological advancements, enabling retailers to offer flexible and convenient payment options.

Retail and wholesale payment systems cater to different segments of the financial market, each with unique characteristics:

Retail Payment Systems:

  • Audience: Primarily serve individual consumers and businesses for everyday transactions.
  • Transaction Volume and Value: Handle a high volume of transactions, typically of lower value.
  • Examples: Credit and debit card payments, mobile payments, electronic bank transfers, cash, and checks.
  • Purpose: Facilitate daily consumer purchases and small to medium-sized business transactions, emphasizing convenience, speed, and accessibility.


Wholesale Payment Systems:

  • Audience: Used by financial institutions, large corporations, and government entities.
  • Transaction Volume and Value: Manage a lower volume of transactions but of much higher value, often in the millions or billions.
  • Examples: Large-scale electronic funds transfers such as those processed through the Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) systems, and high-value clearing systems.
  • Purpose: Support large, critical transactions such as interbank transfers, securities settlements, and large corporate payments, focusing on security, reliability, and efficiency.


The key difference lies in their target users and the scale of transactions they manage—retail systems are designed for the general public and smaller transactions, while wholesale systems are tailored for the financial sector and large-scale transfers.