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Accept payments seamlessly and avoid fees – without risk. With Stacks Technology, you can receive payments from anyone, anywhere in just a few clicks – no confusing tech, hidden charges or risks. Get in touch with our team to set up an account and start collecting payments seamlessly.

Stacks Payment Gateway Stands Above the Rest

Our payment gateways integrated with WAVit software provides retailers unprecedented value compared to traditional payment systems. Specifically, we offer merchants four unmatched benefits that greatly improve their bottom line. From dramatically reducing processing fees to providing ironclad approvals, our payment gateways delivers tangible savings others simply cannot match.

Eliminate credit card processing fees
Eliminate Processing Fees
Seamless integration into existing POS systems
Seamless Integration
Cash vs. credit card incentives
More Sales, More Profit
Ironclad Approvals for Merchants
Ironclad Approvals
Brian Anderson, CFO

Steven Martinez


With Stacks we unlocked an entirely new revenue channel —their cash discount program earned us 17% more margin that we reinvested to fund rapid expansion.

Catherine White, Founder

Catherine White


Utilizing Stacks’ integrated payment solutions and customizable POS future-proofed our systems while boosting profit on every transaction

James Allen

Financial Director

Once Stack streamlined our payments ecosystem, we realized a 21% increase in annual profitability and used the lift to hire talent to support larger omni-channel growth.

Save Thousands in Processing Fees

Running a business is tough enough without throwing away money on expensive payment processing. Stripe, Square and others charge an average fee of 2.9% on every transaction, and that eats into your margins.

Savvy business owners are switching to Stacks Technology to save an average 2.5% per order with our cash discount program. Customers can pay less with debit or cash, giving them more options to shop how they want and save.

It’s a rare win-win – you keep more profits while customers enjoy discounts and the freedom to choose. Sign up now to finally keep card fees where they belong – off your books.

Hybrid POS Systems

Seamlessly Integrate With Your Current System

With hundreds of apps in our integration library, we likely work with the ecommerce platform you already use. And if not, our developers can build a custom integration to fit your needs.

Either way, implementing our payment gateway is simple. No need to uproot your entire online store.

We Handle Approvals

As a enterprise-grade payment processor, we have higher standards when approving merchant accounts. This means we thoroughly vet, legally register, and monitor all merchants before activation.

Unlike Square or Stripe, we do not immediately approve just anyone with an email address. And for good reason – approving merchants without oversight is irresponsible and puts great businesses at risk once they begin processing payments.

That’s why we complete due diligence upfront. Once approved with Stacks Payments, you can operate your online business without worrying about surprise account freezes or fund holds from flags in our system.

Seamless POS integration
Loyalty Programs

Built to Support High-Risk Products

Many payment gateways claim “freedom” and “empowerment” when marketing to ecommerce merchants. But often they draw the line at certain industries like CBD, nutraceuticals, or firearms.

At Stacks Technology, we take a different approach. We firmly believe in powering legal online businesses – even those labeled “high risk” by outdated industry standards.

Why do we support these merchants while others back away? Because we can responsibly onboard them through proper underwriting processes.

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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

A payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your ecommerce store and the financial networks that handle card and bank transactions. It’s the infrastructure that securely passes payment details from the customer to your bank to process the order.

In practical terms, a payment gateway gives you the ability to take payments online directly on your website or mobile app. It verifies customer details, makes sure funds are available, then passes the money to your merchant account. Without one, you wouldn’t be able to complete credit card or digital payments seamlessly online.

Some key things a gateway provides:

  • Secure encrypted connections for capturing sensitive financial data
  • Integration tools to process payments directly on your platforms
  • Developer APIs for building customized checkout experiences
  • Merchant accounts to enable moving funds between financial institutions
  • Fraud analysis to keep transactions safe

So in short – it’s the essential technology that powers payments in the digital world while shielding your business from all the complicated financial pieces happening behind the scenes. We handle everything from payment to payout so you can focus on your customers.

When it comes to selecting the best payment gateway, Stacks Technology stands out from competitors like Stripe and Braintree for a few key reasons.

First, Stacks uses proprietary WAVit technology to power its gateway. This offers a more secure encrypted platform and advanced fraud analysis capabilities other providers lack. So you get top-level security built right into every transaction, while providing your customers more ways to shop online.

Additionally, Stacks is the only major processor to offer an innovative cash discount program. This lets you save an average 2.5% per order in fees by providing discounts for debit, cash, or bank transfers instead of credit cards alone. Customers can pay less while you keep more profits. It’s an elegant win-win.

Finally, superb customer service and developer-friendly APIs set Stacks apart. Our team offers one-on-one onboarding and ongoing support to optimize your integration. Plus developers enjoy our cleanly documented tools and ability to fully customize checkouts.

If frictionless payments, profitability, honest pricing, and helpful support matter for your business, Stacks rises above the rest. The combination of our game-changing cash discount program powered by rock-solid WAVit technology makes this the best option for modern growth-focused merchants.

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as a completely free payment gateway. Processing digital payments requires complex technical infrastructure and partnerships between financial networks – those costs have to be covered somehow.

However, many top payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal do offer free trial periods for 30-60 days. This allows you to test out their platform with no obligations. But after the trial ends, you will have to pick a pricing plan that best matches your business needs.

Our gateway, Stacks, offers a fair flat rate per month after. Compared to the 3-4% transaction fees of other processors, we provide exceptional value at a tiny fraction of every sale.

Some products advertise “free” gateways but make up costs in other ways:

  • Hidden fees for certain features
  • Charging for support or unlimited bandwidth
  • Requiring a locked-in contract

In reality there is always some cost, whether it’s from transaction fees, monthly costs, or long term contracts. At Stacks, we aim to be transparent about our exceptionally competitive flat pricing so you know exactly what you sign up for.

While a permanently free, full-featured payment gateway is not viable, we strive to make fair pricing achievable for businesses of any size. This way you can focus growth efforts on delighting customers rather than stressing over payment costs.

Creating your own payment gateway from scratch is an extremely complex process requiring a deep understanding of finance, security, and technology systems. Very few companies have the resources and regulatory connections to build reliable gateways entirely in-house.

That said, here are the main components needed:

  1. Merchant services account – This bank account is specially designed to accept credit/debit deposits and move money between card issuers and your business bank account. Getting approved requires official registrations, licenses, and compliance.
  2. Payment processor partnership – The processor routes transaction data from buyers to the card networks (Visa, Mastercard, etc). You’ll need connections with major processors who reliably link to all networks.
  3. Complex server infrastructure – Rock-solid servers and databases are needed to securely store financial information and enable transactions 24/7/365. This also includes fraud detection capabilities and cybersecurity expertise.
  4. Integration tools and APIs – Seamless checkout experiences must be built with developer tools, SDKs, and detailed APIs for safely capturing payments on websites and apps.


On top of those core components, you need to handle taxes, compliance, risk management, customer support at scale, refund processing and more.

Unless you have an expert team with millions in funding, partnering with established gateways like Stacks is highly recommended over building in-house. We handle all the intricate security, infrastructure and integrations for you out of the box.