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Welcome to intuitive, integrated hardware, software, and payments purpose-built for your business’ needs. Stacks powers frictionless in-store and online commerce with Stacks POS System and Stacks Payment Gateway.

Ready to learn more? Contact a Stacks Specialist to explore how our proprietary POS and Payment solutions powered by WAVit Technology can streamline your business growth.

Payment Systems Powered by WAVit Tech

Our payment solutions are powered by proprietary WAVit technology, engineered to eliminate credit card processings fees and raise bottom line profits for businesses worldwide. Not only do all of our products come equipped with WAVit, but you can also integrate our unique payment solution into any platform and wide variety of payment devices.

POS System

Elevate your retail experience with Stacks’ cutting-edge POS systems, designed to streamline your sales process and enhance customer satisfaction. Our POS solutions offer unmatched speed, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that every transaction is smooth and efficient.

Discover how our POS systems can transform your retail operations by providing detailed sales analytics and inventory management, making it easier than ever to make informed business decisions.

Hybrid POS Systems
ecommerce virtual terminal by Stacks Technology

Payment Gateway

Unlock the potential of your e-commerce business with Stacks Payment Gateways, your bridge to secure and efficient online transactions. Our payment gateways are equipped with advanced security features to protect sensitive data, ensuring a safe shopping experience for your customers.

Learn more about how our seamless integration with your website or e-commerce platform can help you achieve higher conversion rates and boost your online sales.

Virtual Terminal

Stacks Virtual Terminals bring the power of flexibility and efficiency to your fingertips, allowing you to process payments from anywhere, at any time. Ideal for businesses on the go or those looking to expand their payment options, our virtual terminals require no physical hardware, making setup a breeze.

Explore the benefits of our secure, web-based payment solutions that support a wide range of payment types, including credit and debit cards, for seamless transactions.

Data Dashboards

Gain actionable insights and drive your business strategy forward with Stacks Data Dashboards. Our comprehensive analytics tools offer a real-time overview of your sales, customer behavior, and financial health, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Dive into the details of how our dashboards can streamline your reporting process, identify trends, and uncover opportunities for growth, all in one intuitive interface.

Complete payment solutions
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