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Unlock the power of real-time insights to drive growth and efficiency across your organization. Seamlessly integrate your sales and customer analytics into our data dashboard to make informed decisions faster.

Stacks Data Dashboard

Our data dashboard is an advanced, user-friendly platform designed to transform complex datasets into clear, actionable insights. By aggregating and visualizing data in real-time, our dashboard empowers users to make data-driven decisions efficiently. The importance of our data dashboard lies in its ability to simplify the analysis of vast amounts of information, highlighting trends, patterns, and anomalies that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Eliminate credit card processing fees
Enhanced Decision Making
Seamless integration into existing POS systems
Increased Efficiency
Cash vs. credit card incentives
Data Accessibility
Ironclad Approvals for Merchants
Real-time Insights
Brian Anderson, CFO

Steven Martinez


With Stacks we unlocked an entirely new revenue channel —their cash discount program earned us 17% more margin that we reinvested to fund rapid expansion.

Catherine White, Founder

Catherine White


Utilizing Stacks’ integrated payment solutions and customizable POS future-proofed our systems while boosting profit on every transaction

James Allen

Financial Director

Once Stack streamlined our payments ecosystem, we realized a 21% increase in annual profitability and used the lift to hire talent to support larger omni-channel growth.

Interactive Visualizations

Stacks Technology Data Dashboard offers dynamic, interactive visualizations that allow users to drill down into the specifics of their data in real-time, making complex information easily understandable and actionable.

Data dashboard with interactive visualizations

Real-Time Data Analysis

With the ability to analyze data as it’s being collected, Stacks Technology ensures that your decision-making process is informed by the most current information, enabling agile responses to emerging trends and challenges.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor your data viewing experience with Stacks Technology’s customizable dashboards, which provide the flexibility to highlight the metrics most relevant to your unique business objectives, ensuring a focused analysis and strategy development.

Customizable data dashboard
Data dashboard dynamic integration

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrating with a wide range of data sources, Stacks Technology Data Dashboards simplify the consolidation of information across platforms, enabling a unified view of your business’s performance indicators.

Collaboration Tools

Foster a collaborative data culture within your organization with tools that allow for easy sharing, commenting, and discussion of dashboard insights, ensuring that teams can work together effectively to drive business outcomes.

Sales analytics and reporting setup

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A data dashboard for payment processing is a specialized tool designed to aggregate and visualize transactional data in real-time. It provides businesses with insights into payment activities, trends, and performance metrics, enabling them to monitor, analyze, and optimize their payment processes for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Payment data analytics involves the process of collecting, processing, and analyzing transaction data to uncover valuable insights into payment operations. It helps businesses understand customer behavior, payment trends, and performance metrics, enabling informed decision-making for enhancing payment efficiency, reducing fraud, and improving overall financial health.

A payment process dashboard is a digital tool that provides a comprehensive view of all payment-related activities within a business. It aggregates and visualizes payment data, including transaction statuses, payment methods, and processing times, to offer real-time insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of the payment process. This dashboard helps businesses monitor payment operations, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their payment systems for better financial management and customer satisfaction.