Stacks Technology Pricing Model

Where, Innovative Solutions Meet Cost Effective Pricing Strategies

Our commitment lies in offering pricing structures that can match or beat what you’re currently paying, ensuring that you benefit from the lowest possible rates without compromising on service quality.

Pricing Models

At Stacks Technology, we pride ourselves on our customer-centric pricing models, which are built around two principal strategies: Interchange Plus Pricing and the Cash Discount Program. These models are not only intended to offer competitive rates but also to ensure clarity and fairness in every transaction. Whether you’re a small startup navigating through the complexities of payment processing for the first time or an established enterprise looking to reduce overheads, our pricing models are crafted with your success in mind. 

Interchange Plus Pricing

The interchange plus pricing model is a cornerstone of Stacks Technology’s pricing strategy that offers a transparent and straightforward way to understand your credit card processing fees. We take a look at what you’re currently paying, based on your latest credit card statements, and then work out a deal that either matches or beats those rates. It’s our way of making sure you get the best pricing possible, without the hassle.

ecommerce pos systems by stacks technology
Ecommerce payment gateway by Stacks Technology

Cash Discount Pricing

The cash discount program is a smart way for businesses to save money and encourage customers to pay with cash. Instead of having one price for everything, this program adds a little extra fee for payments made with credit cards. So, when customers decide to pay with cash, they avoid this extra fee, making the product cheaper for them, while eliminating fees entirely for you.


Traditional credit card processors often charge around 3% in processing fees for every transaction. For a business with $10 million in annual revenue, this means a staggering $300,000 lost to fees every year. Imagine redirecting that $300,000 into areas that directly contribute to your business’s success. With Stacks Technology, you can.

Our innovative WAVit processing system is designed not only to reduce your processing costs but to transform those savings into tangible benefits for your business. This proprietary software is at the heart of our pricing models, offering merchants a golden opportunity to bid farewell to processing fees for good.

0% Unlimited Credit Card Processing

With WAVit, you enjoy the freedom of unlimited credit card transactions without the burden of costs eating into your profits.


WAVit supports your growth with no caps on transaction volume, ensuring your payment processing capabilities grow with your business.

Universal Compatibility

WAVit seamlessly integrates across platforms and a vast array of payment devices. 

Industry-Agnostic Solution

From retail to service providers, WAVit is designed to meet the unique needs of your business, regardless of your sector.

Maximize Profitability

Accept Discover, VISA, Mastercard, and American Express transactions in the most profitable way possible.

With WAVit by Stacks, you’re not just choosing a payment solution; you’re investing in your business’s future. Eliminating processing fees translates directly into increased profits, giving you the financial flexibility to invest in what truly matters: innovation, expansion, and rewarding your team.